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Are all of these tests state approved?
Yes, most states, including North Carolina and Virginia, accept the Complete Battery Plus and Survey Plus forms of the CAT/6 TerraNova2 and the CTBS TerraNova1.

Who can administer these tests?
Any homeschool teacher, as long as your state does not object. You CAN "do it yourself" in North Carolina.

Can I use the tests to make sure my child is prepared?
No! The test publisher specifically excludes using tests for practice or preparation.

How long do I have to administer the tests?
A one week test period is scheduled and recommended. This allows some leeway as the testing takes only 2 or 3 days.

What about late returns?
Your tests are late if they are postmarked after the Saturday of your test week. Late charges apply except as noted below. You must agree to return all testing material, whether administered or not, and whether we apply a late charge or not, within 3 weeks of your scheduled start date.

It's test week and my child is sick -- what do I do?
If you need additional time for sickness or other circumstances, such as a family emergency, or your post office not having Saturday hours, just follow the instructions and guidelines included with your test materials. Be certain to write a note on the Return Form.

How long does it take to get results?
After we receive your completed tests, it normally takes between 4 and 8 weeks for us to mail your results. If you don't follow our instructions, it will take longer. Please note that reporting is faster in July through April.

What if I need results sooner?
Order Rapid Response Scoring. We will mail your Bayside scored results within two days from the time we receive your completed tests. Often we can email your report within hours of receiving your test return.

What about Group Pricing?
Group pricing is available. Some restrictions apply to group orders. See the Ordering Information section for more details.

How can an individual get the best price?
Be a Bayside customer - and you have it!

What about my special needs student?
We recommend the Survey Form. Consideration is allowed for learning disabled or other special needs students with respect to modifying time limits and instructions. If you make such exceptions the norms referenced results will be subject to your or other expert interpretation.

Questions or problems with ordering or testing?
Please note that email is more than
twice as efficient as voicemail!


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