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Questions or problems with ordering or testing?


To make the testing process as efficient as possible, we ask you to choose a preferred test week. While we do our best to fulfill your request, we do not guarantee test weeks.

If you have a situation where you have no flexibility in test administration, email us to check available options.

Test prices include use of materials for a one week (Monday - Friday) test period. If possible, allow at least 3 weeks between your order date and your requested starting test date, but please know, we accept email rush orders.

We mail your test orders to arrive by the Saturday before your selected test week. After we receive the completed tests, we send your results, usually within 8 weeks. It can take longer, so order and test well in advance of any state or local deadlines. Scoring is much faster during the "off-season" which is any time but May or June.

Orders may be revised. There are no cancellations or refunds. By placing an order you agree to take care of the tests as directed, administer them according to the provided instructions, and return all materials within the specified time limit.


Schools and homeschool groups that test together at the same time in one location may be eligible for Group Pricing.

Group prices include the use of test materials for a one week test period, one manual per 10 tests of each lower grade, and one manual per 15 tests of grades 4 and above. Group testing is available from February through April.

Email us with pricing inquiries for the 2021-2022 school year. Include the approximate quantities by grade and tell us which options you want and the test week you prefer.

Groups must submit one order, with one payment, one shipment and one return. You must test together, at the same time in one location. Return postage is not included.

Questions or problems with ordering or testing?
Please note that email is twice as efficient as voicemail!


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