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CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition

Bayside  offers the CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition, published in 2000 with updated 2005 norms.

This is the test of choice for the do-it-yourself homeschool! It is valid for use not only in NC but in many other states that require testing.

We offer the Complete Battery for Kindergarten (Level 10), the Complete Battery Plus for Grade 1 through Grade 12, and the Survey Plus for Grades 2-4 and 6-12. (There is no Survey available for Grades K, 1 or 5).

These are the most complete, extensive and up-to-date tests available for unrestricted homeschool use.

Level 10, Kindergarten, includes Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics.

Levels 11-21/22 (Grade 1 through Grade 12) include Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, plus Word Analysis (Levels 11-13), Vocabulary and Mathematics Computation (Level 11 & up), and Language Mechanics and Spelling (Level 12 & up).

Level 11 (Grade 1) students need to read well and understand simple stories, although much of this test is administered orally.

The CAT/6 is your choice for better scoring reports. Its more recent 2005 norms are preferred in many states.

Compared to the legendary CAT/5, the TerraNova tests are more current in their presentation. Themes carry through the entire combined Reading and Language Arts Sections.

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